The Most Infamous and Ruthless Gold Diggers of All Time


In the land of sleeping your way to the top, there are a few who take the cake in their ruthless endeavors. Some for their tactics, others for their shameless dedication to enduring obvious disgrace just to stay in the cash flow. Here is our list of the most infamous gold diggers of all time.

Anna Nicole Smith. It’s no surprise Anna Nicole would top our list, but as this is the most infamous gold diggers’ list, here she is in all her glory. Anna Nicole was married to oil tycoon Howard J. Marshall II who was also on his death bed and 89 years old at the time. This would be the very definition of gold digger. Yes?

Empress Theodora. Much lesser known but no less scandalous, Empress Theodora was a prostitute who went on to marry the emperor. She used her feminine charm to gain power and seduce the emperor in Byzantium era.

Ivanna Trump. Well of course Ivanna is on here. She would be another of the originals in our book. Anyone who is famous for saying, “Don’t get mad, get everything!” would most certainly land squarely in the gold digger category. Though we love her for that. Is that wrong? Oh well. Moving along.

Anne Hyde. Another lesser known rags to riches story comes from the British throne. Anne Hyde was the commoner mistress to King Charles II who became pregnant with his child. He quickly married her (even though he was married to Catherine of Braganza who had been unable to bear any children), and made the commoner a royal overnight.

Heather Mills. The now ex-wife of Sir Paul McCartney was made famous by her marriage. She has been reportedly caught in several lies over the years, including saying she was a highly paid catwalk model prior to the marriage. She reportedly fought continuously with her step-daughter, Stella McCartney, and reports claim she wound up with a rather large settlement following the divorce which she blew through in under two years. Wonder who will be next now that the funds have dried up?

Empress Euphemia. Similar to Theodora, Euphemia rose from prostitution to empress in a rather short time. She was a known sex worker of the Byzantine era also and used her charms to become an empress even though she wanted nothing to do with the power of the position. It was claimed she only wanted the riches and comforts.

Amy Irving. The ex-wife of Steven Spielberg reportedly received a $100 million settlement after a judge claimed their prenuptial agreement was invalid. Ouch. They were married for four years. It’s a good thing too, as she really hasn’t done much since, so she apparently needed the funds to survive. Thanks, Steve.

Fredegund. Unless you’re a history buff, you likely don’t know who this one is either, but count your blessings. Fredegund was a commoner who married a king after helping him to murder his wife. She then proceeded to kill his children in an attempt to secure the bloodline for her own children. Yikes.

Holly Madison. The ex-girlfriend of the late Hugh Hefner was a shoe-in for the list. Clearly with him for fame and the career “perks” of being his #1 girl for the time is what was the give-away for the list.

Gabriel Aubry. Yes, men can be gold diggers too. Aubry is famous for his relationship with Halle Berry and the financial aftermath. He reportedly gets tens of thousands of dollars each month in an alimony payment to spend as he pleases so he can maintain his lifestyle of not having to work. Nice. Sign me up.

Oksana Grigorieva. Ok, this one is a bit complicated. Grigorieva is the woman who was made famous for recording Mel Gibson in his racial slurring rants during their marriage. She also conveniently became pregnant not long before the tapes were leaked. Not that we are condoning the horrible actions of Mr. Gibson in anyway – we are not – but Grigorieva, why did you tape them in the first place if not for blackmail or personal gain? Classic gold digger move.

Peta Cavendish. Sometimes being a gold digger means putting up with just about every type of deplorable behavior to stay in the gold. Peta Cavendish has dealt with numerous extra-marital affairs from a husband she shows no love for. We wonder why.

Kevin Federline. The no-name back-up dancer who used to be married to Brittany Spears has made our list. Their brief marriage landed him a $1 million settlement and $20,000 a month in child support.

V. Stiviano. As the mistress of billionaire Donald Sterling (who was married at the time), Stiviano found other ways to make bank off of the tycoon. She managed to leak tapes of him going off on racists tangents which ultimately cost him his LA Clippers franchise. We’re certain she did that purely out of the kindness of her heart.

Gold Digger Hall of Fame. Well there you have it folks, the list of the most infamous gold diggers of all time. Did we miss anyone? Let us know your thoughts!



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