REAL Time Travel Photos No One Can Explain


These real time travel photos are causing quite a stir on the Internet. From a man photographed looking out of place on a beach to people seen using smart devices way ahead of their time, these perplexing time travel photos simply can’t be explained.

1940’s Beach Time Traveler

Is this the proof of time travel that everyone’s been looking for? According to Internet debate, it might just be.

On October 1st, 2018, film colouriser and video editor Stuart Humphryes posted a picture he had recoloured to his Twitter. The photo is of British war workers in 1943 visiting Towan Beach, Cornwall. It’s a charming scene of beach goers seeking respite from the sun. However, one Twitter user noticed the strange man in the middle of the photo.

If you take a closer look, there’s a man right in the middle of the photo wearing an out of place brown suit and he looks to be checking a mobile phone.

This photo was taken during World War 2, a full 30 years before the first mobile was invented, yet the man seems as though he’s texting. Some think the man has been sent back in time to monitor certain events during World War 2 and this photo could be him reporting back to his timeline via some kind of futuristic device.

One commentator hailed the photo as solid proof of time travelers, saying: ‘Finally the evidence we need that time travel is real.’

Humphryes remained level headed about the time travel hype and said ‘I think that chap is rolling a cigarette!’

The photo has since gone viral with many news outlets like Fox News, Daily Mail and LADbible running with the story.

What do you think, is this a man sent from the future to monitor the war or is it simply a gent rolling a cigarette? Fire your opinion off in the comments below.

Marilyn Monroe Time Travel Photo

For some time now there have been rumours spreading around the Internet that Marilyn Monroe is actually a secret time traveler.

This photo, which was unearthed from a film archive several years ago, appears to show Monroe texting on a device very similar to a modern day mobile phone. Some historians have noted that the object is nothing more than a packet of cigarettes yet those who have seen the image can’t help but notice the way her hands seem to be actively holding the device. She looks to be far more engaged by the object than if it were simply a packet of cigarettes.

This photo has led many to believe that Monroe is indeed a time traveler and that this is evidence of her sending messages back to the future.

This isn’t the first conspiracy theory that Monroe has been caught in. Some film historians have posed the idea that Monroe was having an affair with brothers John F. Kennedy and Robert F. Kennedy. It’s been alleged that during this affair Monroe became privy to top secret information regarding the existence of aliens. In a purported CIA memo, two departments discuss that Monroe was told by JFK that he saw ‘things from outer space’ at a secret military base. Some have speculated that Monroe was murdered by the Kennedy brothers because of the affair and her insight into the top secret information.

However, other theories suggest she was inducted into a classified time travel program run by the US government. This wild theory could explain why Monroe was photographed in bed with what appears to be a mobile device. It also gives credence to the dozens of sightings of Marilyn Monroe, alive and well, over the last few years.

1918 Time Traveler Newspaper Clipping

In 1999 a magazine called Weekly World News claimed to have uncovered an old newspaper clipping from 1918 showing a time traveler. The clipping is allegedly from a long-defunct newspaper called the New York Police Courier. The headline reads ‘Mystery Man Found Dead in 2-foot-long “Space Tube”‘. The image shows the feet of a man in a cylindrical object. Nearby on the grass there’s a device that resembles a mobile phone from the late 90’s.

The article purports that a scientist came forward proclaiming to be part of a covert, government run time travel program. He said that they were responsible for the mysterious tube and the death of the man. He claims that he and his team looked for years through old newspaper clippings hoping to find evidence of the man they had sent back in time. And sure enough, he found this 1918 clipping.

Some debunking sleuths have noted that the publication Weekly World News, who broke the story, are infamous for making stories up. Another commenter pointed out that the alleged 1918 clipping is written in a font that resembles a sans-serif typeface called ‘meta’. ‘Meta’, wasn’t created until the early 1990’s.

So which is it, made up story or genuine evidence of time travel? Without further information, we may never know.

San Joseph Bay, 1917

This photo taken in San Joseph Bay in British Columbia, Canada in 1917 has set the Internet alight with talk of time travel.

In the photo you can see a man to the left dressed in a t-shirt and shorts with a wild mop of hair. His looks are in stark contrast to the traditional attire worn by the fellow beach goers. Everyone else is wearing dresses and suits with wide brimmed hats – while the alleged time traveler looks comparatively modern. The posture of the so-called ‘time traveler’ looks almost as if he’s just appeared out of thin air.

If you look closely there’s a man in a hat looking astonished at the the way the time traveler is dressed.

The photo was first discovered in a book published in 1974 called The Cape Scott Story. The book details the history of Cape Scott on Vancouver Island.

When the photo was shared across social media, people dubbed the man a modern-looking ‘surfer dude’, with his baggy tee and knee-length boardshorts.

So the question remains, has this historical photo inadvertently captured a time traveler? Or is it simply a young man sporting a look that is ahead of its time?

Proof of Time Travel?

Some savvy Internet users have noticed a timeline discrepancy on the cover of this old crime novel.

This is the cover of the French edition of a Chester Himes novel titled All Shot Up. Published in 1971, it appears to show a woman holding a smartphone some 36 years before they were invented.

Unfortunately the photographer is unknown and hasn’t come forward to comment on the strange image.

Viewers have been quick to call the woman a time traveler and that it’s not a smartphone, rather some kind of futuristic device not presently known.

More level headed commenters have said it’s nothing more than a thin purse or makeup holder, but have agreed that the way she’s holding it does resemble someone using a modern mobile phone. 

Time Traveling Space Man?

There is a carving on a church in Salamanca, Spain that has left historians baffled.

On a wall on the New Cathedral of Salamanca, built in 1513, there is a detailed mural that features a mysterious carving.

About halfway up the wall there is a figure that clearly resembles an astronaut. It’s wearing what looks like a helmet with a space suit and boots. There even appears to be some kind of oxygen pack on the figures back.

Speculation has been rife ever since the sculpture was noticed. Some believe a time traveler visited Salamanca in the 16th century, giving inspiration to the artist the created the mural. Others think aliens made contact in the area, spreading knowledge of space travel. A more grounded theory suggests that the space man was added during restoration in the last decade. In Spain it’s often tradition to add a modern motif whenever restoration work is done. 

One of the more wild theories is that the ancient stonemason accurately predicted space travel more than 450 years before it happened.

Time Traveler at Mike Tyson Fight

While so far we’ve been looking at pictures of time travelers, this next video has left analysts stumped.

In a 1995 fight between Mike Tyson and Peter McNeeley in Las Vegas, someone in the crowd was spotted filming the event on what looks like a modern smartphone.

The spectator is holding the device in portrait mode which is unlike any camera in the mid-90’s. The lens is clearly in the top left, similar to today’s Apple or Android phones. 

This video, which was uploaded to a Youtube channel called ‘Jammy Bantam’, has been shared thousands of times and racked up over eight million views.

 This famous 1995 bout was touted as Mike Tyson’s comeback after spending three years in prison on rape charges.

The hype for the fight was huge and millions of Americans tuned in via pay-per-view to watch.

The match only lasted 89 seconds with Tyson securing an easy victory over McNeeley, winning by disqualification.

The sheer volume of money surrounding the fight has lead many to speculate that the person in the audience holding the alleged smartphone is indeed a time traveler who has come back to place a bet on the fight and earn a fortune.

If someone knew that the fight was only going to go for a fraction of one round, a hefty sum of money could indeed be gained.

What do you think? Savvy time traveler looking to earn big or are there mid-90’s cameras that fit the look and filming style of that device? Love to get your opinion on this fascinating piece of footage in the comments section below. 



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