Creepy Lost Tapes That Have Baffled Authorities


From lost tapes discovered after mysterious disappearances to a video found deep in the Paris catacombs, we look at creepy lost tapes that have baffled authorities.

Abandoned Civil War Building

This lost tape was uploaded to Occult Museum’s YouTube channel in February, 2016.

Little is known about the origins of the footage other than it was filmed in an abandoned building that had been badly damaged by cannon fire during the Civil War.

The video appears to be filmed by an older male who is exploring the building with one or more younger boys. As the camera passes an old fireplace the holder can be heard saying ‘Quiet! You hear that?’ to which one of the younger boys replies ‘I heard something! Whatever it was, creepy as heck!’

The explorers make their way past a pile of bricks on the floor and into a kitchen that contains an old stove. Suddenly, a chilling whispering can be heard that seems to say ‘Pray for me!’

Startled by the noise, the group decide to exit the building. As they make their back through the darkness, a ghostly figure of a young boy appears through a doorway.

The camera movement becomes increasingly erratic as the group run for the exit. The last thing you can hear is the older voice yelling ‘Get out of here!’ just before the footage cuts to black.

To this day, the identity of the explorers and what they were actually doing in the building is unknown. It is also unclear whether or not they managed to make it out alive.

Lost Tape Discovered Deep in the Woods

This creepy video was uploaded to Lars Helge Nedrebø’s Youtube channel in 2007. The footage was purportedly found on a camcorder that belonged to two men who disappeared in 2006.

The pair are seen driving late at night and decide to take a shortcut through an eerie forest. One of the men exits the car to unhinge a rusty gate that is blocking their way. They continue their journey for some distance before approaching a second gate. This time, the man is unable to move it so the pair seem to choose a different way to go.

The mood becomes increasingly tense in the car as the two men appear to realize that they may have lost their way. Eventually, the car stops and the two men exit. They walk to the trunk and pull out a flashlight.

A bizarre grunting sound can be heard coming from the bushes. The men shine the flashlight into the darkness but are unable to spot whatever is making the noise.

Suddenly, something lunges at them. The grunting sounds get louder and louder as they are chased back to their car. The camera holder manages to get the door open just in time and can be heard nervously crying before starting the engine.

Before he has a chance to drive off, the grunts can be heard once more. The man lets out a blood curdling scream before falling in front of the camera.

The footage then suddenly cuts to black.

Some viewers have speculated that this video might be a hoax as it’s difficult to explain why the men would be filming their entire journey. However, the panic and fear displayed by the man at the end of the footage seems to be very real. What do you think? Were these two men actually attacked by some sort of mysterious creature deep in the woods? Or was it all just a prank? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section below.

The Mysterious M Cave

Avid hiker and adventure seeker, Kenny Veach disappeared in the Nevada Desert shortly after posting this video to YouTube in October, 2014.

Veach’s ill fated hike was spurred on by a comment he made on a video interview of Paul H. Utz, a man who claims that his father once worked on a top secret project in the now famous Area 51.

Utz said that his father was a member of a team tasked with reproducing an organic energy source that had been acquired from a university. He claimed that when the group attempted to test their creation it had exploded.

Veach commented that he had recently discovered a mysterious cave while hiking near Nellis Air Force Base in the Las Vegas Valley. He said that the entrance to the cave was shaped like a giant letter M and that when he approached the cave, his whole body began to vibrate.

His comment received a lot of attention from people claiming that he was a liar. So Veach vowed to return to the cave with a camera to prove he was telling the truth.

He ventured into the valley once more. However, after much searching Veach was unable to relocate the mysterious M cave.

When he returned, he announced that he was planning to return to the area once more and continue his search for the cave. This time, he invited others to join him, however no one took him up on his offer.

On 10th November, 2014, Kenny Veach set out yet again, determined to find the entrance to the M cave.

He was never seen again.

Shortly after his disappearance, Search & Rescue found his cell phone near the entrance to an old mine shaft but despite exhaustive efforts they were unable to find any more clues to his whereabouts.

Since his mysterious disappearance, several theories have attempted to explain what happened. Some believe that he may have found the mysterious M cave once again and decided to venture inside.

What was it about Paul H. Utz’s interview that compelled Veach to mention the mysterious M cave?  Could it be possible that Veach thought he had discovered the resting place of the bizarre power source created by the Area 51 technicians?

To this day, Kenny Veach’s disappearance remains a mystery.

Lost Tape Discovered in Paris Catacombs

This eerie footage is said to have been found on a video camera located deep inside the Paris catacombs. It is purportedly that of a lost cave explorer from the 1990’s.

The footage shows the explorer making their way down a series of dark tunnels within the underground labyrinth. They stop occasionally to film piles of human bones that litter the pathways. Mysterious arrows made of bones can be seen on the floors of the dilapidated corridors, leading the explorer towards the unknown. At one point, they approach a bizarre painting that depicts a human chained to the wall with their limbs splayed apart.

As the footage continues, the explorer ventures deeper and deeper into the darkness. Suddenly, something scares them. The explorer then drops the camera and is heard running off into the distance.

The catacombs of Paris were originally created in the 1770’s to store the remains of the city’s overflowing cemeteries. Nightly, the local graveyards were exhumed and the bones were bought by cart to fill the catacombs. It is believed that the Paris catacombs hold the remains of more than six million people.

When the footage was eventually discovered sometime around the year 2000, opinions were divided as to what it actually showed. It was believed by some that the explorer may have disturbed someone who was living in the dark underground. Others speculated that it might have been some sort of creature that spooked the explorer. Others still, felt that the footage may have been faked by the Scariest Places on Earth, the paranormal television series that originally showed it.

To this day, it is unknown what the explorer actually saw in the Paris catacombs and whether or not they ever managed to find their way back to the surface?

The Chilling Masked Man

This disturbing video was posted to Darth Nixa’s YouTube channel in 2012. It’s supposedly footage of two missing boys that was found somewhere in Croatia in 2005.

The video starts as one boy is recording the other in a park late at night. The camera holder begins panning around and spots a strange looking man lurking in the darkness.

The two boys continue to film their antics and spot the same man once again. This time, he is much closer and appears to be wearing some sort of weird mask. One of the boys approaches the man and asks him what he is doing. The man says nothing and begins shuffling towards the boys.

Thinking that it’s a joke, the boys continue to record the man. Suddenly, he lunges at them. The pair are then seen running away just as the footage cuts.

The camera is turned on once more and the boys are now walking in a different location. Both seem unsure about what they have just witnessed.

As they turn the corner, they are once again confronted by the same man.

There is a noticeable change in the tone of the boy’s voices as they seem to realize that the man may not be joking around at all. Again, he runs towards the boys and again, the footage cuts.

The camera is turned on and the boys are now standing outside an apartment block. As they enter the building, they notice that it appears to already be unlocked from the outside.

Thinking that they are now safe, the pair walk towards the elevator. The door opens and same masked man suddenly leaps towards them.

There is a struggle and the camera goes black. However, it must not switch off entirely as a very disconcerting sound can be heard and the screen occasionally flashes with light.

This chilling footage was purportedly released by the Croatian Police in an effort to locate the boys who remain missing to this day. The mysterious masked man has never been identified.



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