11 Things men do but do not want to admit it!


There are some habits and routines that are definitely more typical for women than for men. But from time to time, or very occasionally some activities are also performed by gentlemen! More and more often, men are courageous enough to try certain activities that were once completely unfamiliar to them and to which they did not show the least interest before. What’s more, they can actually find pleasure doing it.

In the past, women had to force their men to go shopping together. Today, many men are still hiding from the world that they are trying to take care of themselves and for example go to the cosmetic. However, not talking about it openly, but men are more likely to buy cosmetics, clothing, accessories and other products that allow them to look after themselves. Therefore, we decided to see what activities fascinate men and what they do even if they keep in secret!

1. Rumors

Although men eternally criticize women for their love of gossip, they love to do it themselves too. As it turns out, gentlemen, when they are in the group also can discuss other people, comment on the look of colleagues in the office or work done by a colleague. And they like to laugh out of other’s defects! Some women say, that when men gossip, they forget about keeping a secret…

2. Shopping

Going through shopping galleries you can see more and more men looking for clothes and accessories for themselves. Nowadays, an increasing number of men go out shopping to buy the products they need. They like others want to look good. Sometimes it is also a great opportunity to hook a girl and ask her for help in choosing a perfume or shirt.

3. Dancing

People always needed a way to express themselves. Although sensual dance has always been attributed to women. But nowadays there is no shame that men also like to dance, and you can actually see a group of men dancing on the dance floor and moving without stress and nerves in the rhythm of the most popular songs.

4. Long baths

Do you remember when Chandler from ‘Friends’ had discovered how relaxing a long bath can be? Men knew about it for a long time…and although gentlemen have always complained that women are entering the bathroom for a minimum of one hour, they never pay attention to how much time they spend in the bathroom during long baths, shaving, and doing hairstyle.

5. Masks and cosmetics

In the past, men only dealt with their hair, eventually beard or mustache. Then, they used cosmetics to clean their faces. For some time now, gentlemen are keen on using tonics, masks, and moisturizing creams. In stores, you can find many products dedicated to men and as it turns out they also pay attention to their quality, smell or brand.It is not terrible for them too to go to a beautician or to a spa.

6. Healthy cocktails

The fashion of a healthy lifestyle affected also the gentlemen. No wonder, this is the result of the times we live in. Being healthy and fit is trendy nowadays. Many men are more willing to go for fruit cocktails, which are a source of valuable vitamins. You can meet them running with such liquid, or talking about the diet they just have. And there is nothing to be a shame of…

7. Hugging

Men mostly do not express their feelings so willingly and honestly. And although men do not talk about it openly, it is true that they adore cuddling. Especially in the evening, when they fall asleep, they want simply to feel the woman next to them. Or to touch you gently from time to time, without any reason. According to researchers, hugging extends life even of for few years!

8. Romantic comedies

Every woman likes to sit down in front of the TV or go to the cinema and watch a romantic comedy. You can get emotional and laugh at the story, and sometimes dream about such a feeling. As it turns out, men also like romantic comedies! And they are not open about it because some people find it unmanly, but they can also shed some tears in front of the black screen.

9. Posing for photos

This is really surprising, we know. But this is also a result of the times we live in and the popularity of social media accounts. Everyone is taking pictures now! Many men say they do not like posing for photos but just browse through some Facebook accounts to find out that this is not quite true. You will notice that some men like pictures no less than women.

10. Dramatic behavior

It is always said that women cry, scream and faint in stressful situations. Meanwhile, men love to dramatize as well. Even if they do not cry as women they can shout, have an angry face or be quiet for a long time. They can hystericize and do tragedy for any reason, so sometimes it is better when they do not know the whole truth.

11. Sing in the shower

And this is definitely the domain of men. No wonder there is so many scenes of men signing in the shower in many movies. But such behavior is not just a movie idea. Gentlemen love to sing in the shower. Some men do it better, others are worse in it, however, this activity allows them to relax and feel calm. And of course, women can have a lot of fun because of that.

So we reached the end of the article. We know things about men, that let us more understand them. We need to remember that any of this makes men no weaker or wrong. And that many things we can do with our beloved ones. Now that you know the secrets of men, how many of them fit your man?



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