10 Real Ghosts That Have Appeared in School Photos


From a mysterious shadow figure seen in a class photo to a creepy ghost captured on film during a class field trip we count 10 real ghosts that have appeared in school photos.

10. Shadow Figure Watches Students

There is very little information available about when or where this picture was actually taken. It shows a group of high school students posing for a group photo and at first there doesn’t seem to be anything out of the ordinary. That is until you notice the dark, ominous figure standing at the rear. The figure is tall and ghostly and appears to be wearing a hooded robe. It looks very similar to the grim reaper.

Who or what could the mysterious figure seen in this photo actually be? Is it just a taller than average student playing a prank on their fellow classmates or could it be something more sinister? Let us know what think it is in the comments section below.

9. The El Paso High School Ghost

This is a photo of the 1985/86 graduating class from the El Paso High School in Texas. If you look at the bottom left corner of the image there is a ghostly figure standing in the second row. The figure is pale with no distinguishable facial features and appears to be wearing a long white dress.

The creepiest part about the photo is that no one who was there that day can recognize the figure nor do they remember anyone actually standing there when the picture was taken. It is also said that the mysterious figure doesn’t appear on the negative.

Some believe it could be the ghost of a cheerleader who reportedly committed suicide, throwing herself from the 4th floor of the school after being dumped by her boyfriend. Over the years, many students have claimed to see a young girl jump from the same floor but when they run to help her, there is no one on the ground.

Has the photographer actually captured the ghost of the deceased cheerleader? Or could it simply be some sort of camera malfunction?

8. Deceased Student Haunts Classmates

This photo is believed to have been taken at a school somewhere in Malaysia. It reportedly shows the ghost of a young girl who returned to haunt her fellow classmates.

While this photo could have easily been staged, it’s the original message that accompanied the picture that will send shivers down your spine.

It was said that the girl returned in the form of a kuntilanak – a vampiric ghost of Malaysian folklore that attacks its victims and then devours their body organs.

Kuntilanaks usually appear on a full moon and can be heard making a crying sound just like a baby. It is said that if the cry is loud, the creature in far away but if the cry is soft, then the creature is near! If its victim has his or her eyes open when it is near, it will suck them out of their head!

Kuntilanaks are believed to locate their victims by sniffing laundry that is left hanging outside overnight. Even today, some Malaysians will not leave any washing outside in case a kuntilanak is lurking nearby.

7. Ghost Captured on School Field Trip

This photo was sent to a paranormal investigation site by a girl known only as Rachel. The students were reportedly on a field trip somewhere in the UK when one of them managed to snap this picture. Behind the head of the girl in the middle of the top row is a ghostly-looking face.

The poster claimed that none of the students noticed the mysterious face until the photo was uploaded to computer.

She went on to say ‘…it’s quite clear to see a ghosty figure lurking behind one of the females. If you look closer, the head has all the features: a nose, eyes, etc, but doesn’t seem to connect to a body. Some of the white ‘mist’ also seems to fall over the left shoulder of the female involved.’

While its possible that the mysterious face simply belongs to a person who was walking past the students just as the photo was taken, it certainly has a ghost-like quality about it and if you look closely, it even appears to be see through.

What do you think? Could this be the head of a disembodied ghost? Or is simply a trick of the camera? Let us know in the comments section below.

6. Ghost Girl Caught on Film

In 2015, students snapped this photo in the toilets of the Isidro Rodriguez Building at the Rizal High School in the Philippines. At first glance, the picture seems totally normal. That is until you notice the creepy figure crouched down by the blue bin. It has pale white skin and long black hair. Its appearance is very similar to the girl from the film, The Ring or even the fabled kuntilanak, the vampiric ghost reportedly seen in a previous photo.

While an image like this would be very easy to fake, the girls involved claim that the photo is genuine.

Rizal High School is one of the largest schools in the world and is believed to have been haunted since the 1980’s. The Isidro Rodriguez Building in particular, is said to be home to the ghost of a student who died there more than 20 years ago.

After this photo was taken, many students began to complain of supernatural encounters. So much so, that the management of the school were even planning to have the building blessed.

Have these girls actually managed to capture the restless spirit of the deceased student? Or was it just a well crafted hoax? Let us know what you think in the comments section below.

5. Class Photo Captures Eerie Figure

This primary school class photo appears to have captured an eerie figure in the top right hand corner of the image. While it could simply be the mottled pattern on the wall that is creating the illusion of a ghost, there is no denying that it really looks like someone is standing there.

You can clearly make out the large, sunken eyes, nose and sinister grinning mouth and the figure appears to be wearing a dark suit and tie with a white collared shirt.

What do you think has been captured in this photo? Is the creepy figure nothing more than a trick of the light or is there actually a ghostly man standing behind these students?

4. Disembodied Hand Appears in Photo

While this is not actually a photo of a school class, it is a very creepy image nonetheless. Believed to have been taken way back in 1900, the photo is of a group of young weavers. It was recently rediscovered by an editorial team in Northern Ireland while they were searching for photos of extinct professions that were once practiced in the city.

If you look closely at the woman on the right hand side, one up from the bottom you can see that there is a hand on her shoulder!

However, the hand can’t possibly belong to any of the other women in the photo, so who’s hand is it?

Is it possible that the photographer has captured the hand of a ghost or spirit that may be somehow linked to this woman? Perhaps its the hand of a deceased loved one or even a spirit guardian?

Who do you think the mysterious disembodied hand belongs to?

3. Ghost Seen on Thai School Excursion

This class photo was taken during a student excursion to the Mae Klong river in Thailand. If you look closely behind the girl in the center of the very top row, you can see what appears to be a ghostly head. Unlike the students in the photo, the mysterious head seems to have a misty, almost see-through quality about it.

While it’s possible that there was a person walking by just as the photo was taken, it seems strange that the photographer didn’t wait for them to leave the shot. Could it be that there was actually no one there when the photo was taken?

What do you think? Has the photographer taken a poorly timed photo or could the mysterious figure in the background be something supernatural?

2. Ghosts Appear in Gymnasium

This creepy photo, taken by the wife of the coach seen in the picture, was captured inside the Ford Island gymnasium at the Pearl Harbor Naval Station. In the top right hand corner of the photo there appears to be three ghostly figures sitting in the stand.

The building once served as a place for sailors to unwind and relax and included a pool hall, dance floor and bar. Many believe that this photo may have captured the ghosts of three of those sailors that perished during World War II.

What do you think? Has this photo actually captured the ghosts of servicemen from years gone by? Could it be possible that their restless spirits still reside inside the building or is the picture nothing more than a clever Photoshop job?

1. School Girls Capture Ghost in Photo

This photo of two girls posing in a classroom somewhere in Asia, has captured a very creepy figure in the background. Of course, it could simply be another student or perhaps even the teacher. But if you take a closer look, you can see that the mysterious figure appears to have no feet! It looks as though it is just hovering above the floor!

From the back, the figure looks very much like an Onryō, a vengeful spirit from Japanese folklore. According to legend, these malevolent ghosts are unable to move on to the afterlife due to strong feelings of anger and hatred. Taking the form they held when they died, an Onryō will seek revenge on those who wronged them while they were alive.

A Buddhist Priest may be required to perform a rite similar to a Catholic exorcism to put these spirits to rest. In many cases however, these vile entities will not leave until they have exacted their revenge.

What do you think this photographer has captured? Could the floating figure actually be a mythological Onryō or is it nothing more than a creepy illusion created by a well timed photo? Let us know in the comments section below.





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