10 Creepy Ghost Animals Caught on Camera


From a photo of a ghost dog caught peering through a window to the spirits of pets playing with their live animal friends, we count 10 creepy ghost animals caught on camera.

10. Ghostly Dog Peers Through Window

This bizarre photo was taken by Kathy Owen of Silver City, California and clearly shows what appears to be the ghostly face of a dog peering through the window. Its eyes, nose and mouth are all visible. It looks as though it has long, floppy ears and its face is covered in light, shaggy fur.

While many have claimed that the face has to belong to a ghost dog, others remain a little more skeptical suggesting that it may simply be a real dog who is peering through a very dirty window.

However, the dog certainly does appear to exhibit the qualities often associated with an apparition. Its head doesn’t seem to be connected to its body and it has a wispy, ghost-like appearance.

While there is little information available about the photo its difficult to know for sure what has actually been captured.

What do you think? Could it really be the ghost of a curious dog peeping through the window?

9. Animal Apparitions Caught on Camera

This photo, was taken by a woman named Shawna. She believes that it shows several spirit animals playing with her three dogs.

In the photo, there seems to be at least two or three of the strange cotton-like shapes around the dogs with even more in the distance. The dogs seem to be very aware of the spirits as they appear to be staring right at them.

Some people believe that wispy, cotton-like shapes such as these may actually be manifestations of deceased pets and have been known to show up in photographs around other living animals.

8. The Phantom Blue Dog

This black and white image is believed by some to be the only known photo of the mysterious blue dog of Blue Dog Hill.

Stories tell of a wealthy soldier and his dog that were killed by bandits while walking home from a local bar late one night in the Port Tobacco area of Charles County, Maryland.

The bandits quickly fled the scene but returned some time later to search for the man’s riches. When they did, the man’s body had disappeared and they were confronted by a ghostly dog with a luminous blue coat and intensely glowing eyes.

The men froze as the dog stared them down. Suddenly, the beast let out a mighty howl and ran towards them. The men fled in terror and never returned.

To this day, sightings of the mysterious blue dog still occur. Locals claim that you can sometimes hear the dog howling in the middle of the night and many will not venture out for fear of encountering the ghostly beast. The dog is said to wait in the area where its master was killed all those years ago, ready to guard his treasure from anyone who dares venture near.

7. Ghost Dogs Playing in The Park

Sue Radigan from Wythall in Birmingham, England captured this eerie photo one evening while walking her dog, Mia in a local park. She noticed that Mia, who was normally quiet, started acting strangely and began barking at something that wasn’t there. Confused, Radigan decided to take a photo on her phone and was immediately shocked at what she saw.

The camera showed that she was not alone with her dog at all.

When asked about the photo, Radigan said that she believed it showed two unknown people walking their dog. If you take a look at the top, it also appears to show another animal with glowing eyes streaking through the sky.

When the image was posted online, it immediately caused a stir. Many thought that the photo was indeed proof of the existence of ghost dogs seen alongside the spirits of their human companions.

While it’s certainly not every day you see a ghostly dog go whizzing through the night’s sky, could it really be possible that this photo has captured the ghosts of both humans and dogs interacting together?

6. Child’s Pet Returns in Photograph

This photo, taken in the early 1990’s on a Kodak 35 mm film camera appears to show the ghost of the family’s deceased cat. While the hazy, transparent shape certainly does resemble a cat sitting on all fours with its tail outstretched many have dismissed the ‘ghost cat’ as nothing more that a blur or dust on the lens of the camera. If you are a non believer however, the story that was posted along with the photo may help to change your mind.

The poster claims that the cat, whose name was Janna, passed away almost in the exact same spot where the apparition appeared.

The poster also mentioned that the little girl in the photo was her daughter and that she had been smiling right before the picture was taken but for some reason she appeared to be very sad in the actual photo.

Could it be possible that this photo really does show the ghost of the family’s deceased pet cat? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section below.

5. Demon Dog Helps Man Beat Drugs

This photo was taken some time in the late 1990’s at a wedding reception in Aurora, Minnesota. The couple in the photo, Mr and Mrs Martinez, claim they didn’t notice anything strange about the photo until eight years after it was taken.

There, in the background is a strange dog-like face just above the left shoulder of Mr Martinez. The couple said there was no dog at the reception and were baffled by the image.

Mr Martinez, who was battling drug addiction at the time, claims the photo was an omen. He took the photo as a sign to stop his drug abuse, believing this was some kind of demon that was clinging to him.

He now carries this photo around with him reminding people of the evil that can be found in this world.

Photography experts examined the photo and determined that it hadn’t been tampered with in any way, concluding that the dog must have been present the day the photo was taken.

Whether the dog is demonic or not still remains a topic of fierce debate on social media and forums even to this day.

4. Ghostly Cat Appears in Photograph

This photo, posted online by one L. Walland appears to show the ghostly image of a cat. They claim that their house has a lot of paranormal activity including this apparition which appears at the base of their treadmill.

The photo below was taken a few moments before this one and the poster claims that you can actually see the ghost cat starting to form.

Whether or not the forming apparition is visible is debatable but one thing is for certain. The top image really does appear to show a feline-like face. You can clearly make out its eyes, nose and mouth almost as if the cat was staring right at you.

There might also be another creepy face hidden in the blanket. If you look to the right of and slightly above the cat, there appears to be the face of an old man or perhaps even the character Squidward from the cartoon series Sponge Bob.

What do you think? Does this photo prove that animals really do come back as ghosts or are our eyes simply playing tricks on us?

3. Retired Inspector Catches Ghost Dog on Film

In 1916, retired Scotland Yard Inspector, Arthur Springer captured this mysterious photo in the village of Tingewick in Buckinghamshire, England. While there is little context, the inspector claimed that there was no dog in the frame when he took the picture.

This is often regarded as one of the clearest photographs of a ghost dog ever captured and many paranormal enthusiasts claim that it proves the existence of animal spirits. The dog is transparent in parts and its rear looks as though it’s formed by a mist-like substance. Almost as if the animal was appearing or disappearing just as the photo was taken.

Many skeptics argue that the reason the image is so clear is that it is the result of double exposure. However, without further information, it’s difficult to prove either way.

2. Mysterious Force Pulls Cat

This bizarre photo was taken in 1994 in Penrith, England. It shows a cat named Tinkerbell, being pulled upwards by some sort of mysterious force while a second cat named Bunty, watches on.

While lovers of the supernatural agree that this photo clearly shows something very strange, they are somewhat divided as to what the hazy, orange light actually is. Some believe that it could be the spirit of another cat attempting to play with Tinkerbell. Others think that it may be a cheeky ghost or even a poltergeist simply looking for some attention.

Despite being extensively studied, the photo remains a mystery to this day. The strange light pattern even appears on the negative making it less likely that it is a fake. Experts also believe that the anomaly is not a result of light leaking into the camera nor was it caused during development.

1. Ghost Dog Photographed at Cemetery

This photo was taken in Benson, Arizona by a lady named Denise. She claims that she was travelling to Benson with some friends to see the new Wal-Mart when they decided to stop at the graveyard to have a look around.

Denise captured a series of pictures as the group explored the area but this was the only one that seemed to show anything strange. There, standing by the gravestone you can clearly see what appears to be a dog.

If you take a closer look at its hind legs, you will notice that the animal is actually standing on the outside of the iron fence yet you can still see the vertical posts through its body.

Could this really be the ghost of a dog? If so, what was it doing at the graveyard? Could it be possible that it was there to visit someone that it had ties to in life? Like a previous owner perhaps? Let us know what you think in the comments section below.



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